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>> good evening i'm dan. berkeley police say it has never happened before. a mountain lion downtown. it roamed for an hour near shat schaad you can avenue before captured on walnut street and
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cornered. we are live in berkeley. something to see for everyone who did get a glimpse of it. >>reporter: yes, dan. the park is just about 2 miles up the road up the hill here. so it is not uncommon to see mountain lion up there but the famed restaurant here half block down from me. this is the gourmet getto and a lot of resident suspect the mountain lion was down here trying to get a bite to eat herself. earlier this evening daniel was at caesar still absorbing what he saw early this morning when police killed a mountain lion in the densely populated urban setting. the adult female mountain lion first spotted near cedar around 2:00 a.m. it bounded over fences. ran through a church playground and jumped through back yards and until police fired 2 shot guns and ar 15 assault rifle killing it right in front of this house. >> they allowed me to look at the animal quite large. p.m. approximately 4 and a half to 5 feet long. reports of 100
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pound seem quite accurate. it was a big animal. >> quite a number of people next door japanese and down the street. there are a number of people out late. >> i assume the lion was there at 3:00 o'clock in the morning it could have been seven or eight or 9 and there's going to be kids walking to school l from up there a pack of them tomorrow morning and play ground will be full. >>reporter: now berkeley police officers are not armed with tranquillizer guns and police say it uses would have been too risky to let the big cat run off in the densely pop layed area where restaurant employees were getting off work. residents around here suspect the mountain lion was simply following the food source. it is not uncommon to see dear wandering the streets of downtown berkeley. unthreatened by predators at least until now. police and department of fish and game say this is a very rare occurrence. not too many people are worried or concerned that this could
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happen again in the near future. reporting live in downtown berkeley, al help wong abc 7 news. >> sure was strong though. thanks very much. >> missing person case may be turning that a case of murder now. vallejo police issued an alert tonight for these 2 women missing since wednesday. they are believed to be driving a white 2002 cadillac escalade. now this car with license plate no. 5 s o a 77 0turns out the same vehicle is wanted in connection with murder of 73-year-old man in hercules. manson 35-year-old frederick sales may also be a victim. he is missing. the suspect in the murder is a 38-year-old man whether say he was last seen driving that same car cadillac escalade. it is not clear what the connection is between the suspect and 2 missing women but police believe there is in fact a link. running it all down and more tonight 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7.
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he was tazed in his own home as he was on his way to bed. tonight marin county sheriff's department responds to this video seen only from abc 7 nuchlts you can see 64-year-old peter mcfar land tazed by deputy three times. tonight vick lee with reaction from the sheriff's department. >>reporter: 64-year-old peter mac farland with a heart condition was tazed rae pete he hadly by a sheriff deputy in june of last year. >> it was excruciating. i never had so much pain in my life. >>reporter: dr. lee is a cardiologist at uc sf and done extensive research on the lethal effect of tazer. >> tazer has some real risk that if you get tazered in the right place that you can cause sudden death cardiac arrest. >>reporter: on that night he had just been treated by paramedic after he injured himself falling down the steps leading to his home. soon after 2 deputy the showed up. >> the sheriff many ran up the
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stairs into the room here like a bunch of cowboys. >>reporter: this video is from a camera mounted on the deputy's tazer. gun lazer is targeted on mac farland chest. deputy says he's going to take him to the hospital because he may be suicidal. >> take you to the hospital for evaluation. you said if you had a gun you would shot yourself in the head. >>reporter: he says it was just a crack he made because of the pain of his injuries. the deputy orders him 92 numerous times to get up or else he will taze him. mac farland refuses while his wife tells deputies he has a heart condition. then as he gets up he is tazed. not once. but three times. before he is handcuffed. >> get your hand behind your back bleep get your hand behind your back. [ screaming]. people. >> stop resisting stop resisting stop resisting. stop resisting. the stop
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resisting. stop. stop resisting. bleep. stop resisting. do it again. stop resisting. stop resisting. stay down. stp resisting. stop resisting. >>reporter: mac farland says he never resisted. >> i was flipping around like a fish out of water. >>reporter: the sheriff's department sent abc 7 a written statement today saying charges of excessive force are taken seriously. the department also said the deputy go through extensive training on the use of force. >> stay down. >>reporter: sheriff's written response says watching the effects of a tazer can be difficult and that reaction can all too often also be influenced by using only small selected segment of much length year video. that better depicts the complexity of the event in question. well, we have the entire video posted on our web site abc 7
9:07 pm it is right on the front page. so take look. you be the judge. vick lee, lee, abc 7 news. woman initially arrested for being an accessory in the shooting of fremont police officer has been let go with no charges filed. main suspect in the shooting of officer todd young remains in custody in san diego. 20-year-old andrew bar toss arrested saturday right at the mexican border. police say he's confessed to being involved in the shooting while young tried to serve is an arrest warrant friday in oakland. young underwent another surgery today. he remains in serious but stable condition tonight. >> officer young's wife sent out the thank you note to the community saying in part quote i would lick to express my sincere gratitude for the outpouring of support from the community for my husband. it is heart warm to go hear the number of people that have donated blood in todd's name. thank you all for your words of support, prayers and
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donations. end of statement from the officer's wife. flames and flying spark from his an exploding engine sent a passenger jet back to san francisco international airport for an emergency landing. qantas left san francisco bound for australia but had to turn around over the pacific. more now fromp heather. >> should erred for perhaps 10 seconds. we could sea mass of spark. >>reporter: bill reads from what he hopes most dramatic facebook posting ever. today the cripple boeing 747 sat on the tarmac at sfo. failed rolls royce engine covered up. last tonight it failed about half hour after take off flight 74 was bound for sidney with two 12 passengers and 19 crew on board. crab tree and his wife were sitting over the wing and saw a trail of sparks 60 feet long. >> the girl next door to us started craig. she said are we going to die? i said no we have 3 more
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engines. >>reporter: the faa calls it an uncontained engine failure. aviation consultant wilson says that means whatever failed blew through the engine wall. it took half hour of circling 20,000 feet over the ocean to dump enough fuel to make a safe landing. no one was hurt. >> that airplane weighs 850,000 pounds and it holds 60,000 gallons of fuel. so they have got to dump a good probably 35 or 40,000 gallons. >>reporter: today the we arey passengers were rerouted through los angeles. divided up on united, delta and american airlines. it was early morning by the time they got off the plane. >> luckily we went the out 20 minutes and came back and u.s. customs allowed us not to go through the rigorous paperwork. that was appreciated so thank you customs. that would have been a nightmare on top of all the drama. >> 4:00 o'clock before we got to the hotel approximately.
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we got off the plane and everything. we'll survive. >>reporter: faa says it will not be in charge of the investigation because it is a foreign carrier. this is abc 7 news. opponent of same sex marriage are trying to force governor schwarzenegger and attorney general jerry brown to defend proposition 8. today the pacific justice institute filed a petition that would require state officials to back the recently overturned law banning same sex marriage. this requirement could become necessary because it is not clear whether same sex marriage opponent have the legal standing to appeal l federal ruling that struck down prop 8. swats neglect and brown said they don't intend to defend ban on gay marriage prop 8. >> ugly cushion being made tonight about city leaders in san jose. firefighters accuse them of lying to the public about the impact of layoffs and budget cuts in the department. something officials flatly deny. creep
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a has the latest on an ongoing and increasingly hostile contract dispute. >>reporter: union says the man who designed the city dynamic deployment system the to move fire equipment around to cover gap in resources warned the city manager that the idea was unproven. a union representative played an audio tape today when jeff kate spoke at national conference in florida. he said in april he could not promise dynamic deployment would mitigate or offset firefighters lay off. >> one of the things i have not committed to and i highly recommend you do not either is how much mitigation willow occur out of this. when i brought this to the manager as idea didn't commit to mitigation. >> reporter: the awed why tape release caught the city off guard. and the city man year says there will be an investigation. >> so as we speak my staff is sorting out the details of who said what to whom and then i think very importantly what context because certainly comments can be taken out of
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context. >>reporter: the mayor says the city has never tried to white wash the impact of budget cuts on response times. when the yawn wouldn't take a 9 percent cut in pay and benefits the city laid off 49 firefighters and cut 5 engines. >> i don't think anybody believes that you can do the same amount of work with 49 fewer firefighters. no one has ever made that claim. >>reporter: what the city promised is that dynamic deployment would be one tool that would help move resources where they needed to be in the event of a fire. so far the computer base system is only partially in place. >> we are examining and doing this for the first time. it will take some time for us to go through the evaluation process and let the public know whether this is working or not. >>reporter: the union says dynamic deployment gives people a false sense of security while the mayor says the yawp is using scare tactic to avoid pay cuts that other unions have taken. in san
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jose, abc 7 news. much more to bring you here this tuesday night. san francisco business owner who fell for a fraud. tonight a phony fundraiser and good samaritan who help bring it down. >> someone else critical information wind up in your computer. could you be held liable? i'm michael. that story i'm michael. that story coming up on 7 on >> about today's warm-up is a taste of what is to come over the next two days. get ready for some toasty readings around here. temperatures coming right up. pass pavements new signs of life in technology. the job that have come to an area some are calling silicon valley
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of. >> well known organization that helps some of the immediateiest people in the bay area says it's the victim of fraud. tonight the san francisco coalition on homelessness is warping that scam artist are illegally collecting money in its name. carolyn tyler reports. >> coalition on homelessness has been advocating on behalf of san francisco most vulnerable for nearly 25 years. the organization pushes for housing, treatment and welfare reform. now it seems someone is trading on the coalition reputation to commit fraud. >> they probably figured it is a well known organization and they can kind of play on people heart strings and get some donations. >>reporter: coalition director jennifer freed says scam artist hired solicitor who then call local merchant reading from a script that says in part if we close then the homeless problem will return to the streets and your business will be severely affected. >> it sounded fairly legit.
9:17 pm
sounded like l someone that was passionate about what they were doing. >>reporter: just hour after the call last sunday someone showed up at smith mission district comic book store to collect his donation and leave a receipt. >> we never go door to door. >>reporter: most people mail in donation from the card and coalition street sheet newspaper. where they contribute on the web site. jonathan is another merchant 0who got a call. >> they said tm that the fund were cancelled by the government and that they were scrounging around asking for donations. >>reporter: the coalition found out about the fraud when 2 of the telephone solicitors became suspicious. and alerted the organization. >> we called the district attorney's office and let them know what was happening so hopefully i mean our fear is they may stomp on us an switch to new name of different organization and fund raise on behalf of that organization. >>reporter: district attorney's office says anyone who thinks they are victims of a scam should call police. in
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the newsroom, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. sacramento the state legislature did the expected today. they failed to reach agreement open new budget. assembly rejected republican plan that included cuts to schools and eliminating welfare. later the senate democrat failed to get the two-thirds majority required to pass their budget plan which includes tax increases. latest legislative session end at midnight tonight with no new talks planned. 62 days past due budget and dreaded embarrassing i o u are just around the corner. >> at least one part of the bay area economy is showing some positive signs these days in terms of job growth and an influx of new companies. a number of high tech companies are landing in dublin and pleasanton area thatñi laura reports some are now calling silicon valley east. >>reporter: this is one bay area company that is growing.
9:19 pm
and moving from its current location in concord to building twice as big in pleasanton. >> are trying to draw resources of high tech people. want to be close as we can to silicon valley and right mix of scientific company for people like us. >>reporter: this is another company moving to pleasanton. >> other tech company breed other tech company. software company want to be near vendor and other software company to learn from and grow with. >>reporter: the number of jobs here has dropped 11 percent. in 2008 the city lost 1200 when wam you closed the call center. in 2005 the take over of other kill cost 600 position. in dublin the scb loss mostly come in retail like when mervyn's closed. dublin has also attracted some new companies. package of incentive. >> we lowered the traffic impact fee. we have established fee deferral program. instituted sales tax reimbursement program to help
9:20 pm
with tenant im practice. >>reporter: relocation from other parts of the bay area are expected to bring about 600 new jobs to the the tri-valley. the big move here are encouraging the commercial vacancy rate in the tri-valley area remains higher than it was just a few years ago. >> larger market is honestly down sizing. >>reporter: michael is with collier international. a commercial realty firm. >> i think what read to this we are close to the bottom. when big company take space like they have been doing hopefully see the ancillary businesses start to agree and hope it picks up. >>reporter: the vacancy rate here is now about 20 percent. compared with 12 percent 5 years ago. in pleasanton, abc 7 news. all right. things will heat up around here soon. sandy is here with the full forecast. tomorrow by the way another spare the air day. >> hot enough where we see poor air quality a apart parts of the bay area. follow day only gets hotter. so prepare
9:21 pm
for some serious heat around here. but nothing like what we saw about a week ago. not expecting excessive heat. get you outside and 2 day taste of summer. don't like it don't worry. head to the beach because it will be mild to warm at the beaches. high definition sutro camera showing awe sparkling view of san francisco there. we do have some fog around mainly from san francisco south along the san mateo county coast but that will be a thing of the past. very soon i'll explain in a moment. numbers rate now 50's at the beaches. we have 70's inland. most areas are running 5 to about 15 degrees warmer than at this time last night. so just a sign of things to come. hot inland the next few days. warm at the coast and much cooler weather expected for labor day wean. so this morning we started out with a coastal drizzle. measurable. low clouds and fog along the coast around the bay. and then this afternoon the fog layer started to become shallow.
9:22 pm
pretty shallow fog layer this evening as well we are talking about 800 feet and that's about it. what is going to happen is we are going to see the fog getting pushed away. swept away from north to south as northerly wind really starts to pick up. so tomorrow morning you will start out with just a few patches of fog here and there. mostly clear skies across the bay area and temperatures very mild. low 50's to low 60's across the region. mild start and a nice northerly to northeast wind delevoping in the afternoon. we start to see the temperature crank up with wednesday off the warm land and blows down to the ocean and really takes the temperatures up. 70's at the beaches with no fog around. sea breeze is absent until late in the afternoon so temperatures are going to come up. inland area get up that the 90's close to 100 grease on wednesday and by thursday it is in the triple digit. the south bay numbers tomorrow 92 in san jose. 95 in saratoga. sunshine on the peninsula. 80's pray mayoral except los altos at 92
9:23 pm
degrees. 88 in mountain view. 87 for san mateo o. temperatures at the coast were you in the upper 50's. lack at how much of a rise you see. 76 degrees in pacifica tomorrow. downtown san francisco noticeably warmer. 10 degree upward take. 82 degrees there and north bay mid 90's for santa rosa, napa getting up to 98 in calistoga. 96 for clover dale. in the east bay 86 for oakland. 88 for hayward. you head inland. at least you have the air conditioning here. 97 in concord vermore around the monterey bay. 88 degrees in santa cruz up to 96 inland in morgan hill. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. if you don't have air conditioning the place to go is the beach. mid 70's coast. upper 90's inland tomorrow spare the air day. triple digit inland on thursday but don't feel the cooling until friday and then much cooler weather heading into the holiday weekend with sunday monday temperatures only in the 80's. warmest inland location upper 50's at the
9:24 pm
coast so we go from triple digit to the 80's. good 20 degree drop-off by the time labor day hits. >> big change. thanks very much. >> news at 9 continues here. sea lion pup abandoned at pier 39. new home, new mom and effort to get in the swim of effort to get in the swim of things.
9:25 pm
9:26 pm
>> update you on a story we brought you interthe top of the newscast tonight. case of 2 missing women in vallejo and possible connection to murder of man in hercules. suspect in the murder is 38-year-old man named here. few minutes ago the highway patrol tells us while he was shot and killed in richmond. the chp says he was told to drop his weapon. he did not. and was shot. now as for the missing women details are still come
9:27 pm
in. this is developing very quickly now. especially with the death of the suspect. we bring you the latest as soon as it develops writ here and we are running it down for you for 11 on channel 7. >> lets move on for the moment. abandoned by their mother uses after birth and given very also chance of surviving. talking about 2 sea lion pup born at pier 39. they are now living at the brook field zoo in chicago. as frank explains these 2 pup are definitely getting into the swing of things. >> the 2 female pup born in early june right on the pier at fisherman wharf in san francisco and they were immediately abandoned by their mothers. california marin mammal center rescued and cared for them until they could be sent here to brook field. in a month and a half they have doubled their weight to 30 pounds. and that's because they are chowing down out of recycled bin filled with holes for baby bottles. >> we want the pup to associate with the milk coming
9:28 pm
from these bin and not necessarily from us because we don't want them to think of us as sea lion. >>reporter: sea lion as you probably know are fabulous swimmers. up to 20 miles an hour under water. they are laketor peed o. they are natural. not quite. they have to learn to swim. >> as you can see in the video provided by brook field zoo the pup are learning to get the fins wet but something they really do have to learn. >> when dwe introduce them to our pool we actually had trainers in wetsuit in the water with them to make sure that they could easily get in and out of the water. >>reporter: within a month or so the 2 pup should be joining their big cousin on exhibit. this is 7 news. after seven years and 5000 casualties. >> i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has he saided. >>reporter: when we continues tonight as milestone is reached in iraq we look atlantic richfieldal of war. and very happy families.
9:29 pm
prosecute found story as we continue. also 7 on your side michael finney with bay area man kept getting someone else's messages. what to do. else's messages. what to do. stay with us. anoth baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] nce this competition has been continuing for 48 hrs and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this brd you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. airably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possib.
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>> good evening won again. thanks for joining us. we begin this half hour with iraq. tonight president obama declared it time to turn the page on the war there. in only his second address in the oval office the president formally declared an end to the u.s. combat mission in iraq. during his speech he thanked the troops for their zacchary fights and acknowledge the war staggering cost. >> we percent veered because of belief we share with the
9:32 pm
iraqi people. belief that out of the ash of war a new beginning could be born in the creates of civilization. to this remarkable chapter in the history of the united states and iraq we have met our responsibilities. now it is time to turn the page. >>reporter: the president says it is now time to face other pressing problems including the war in afghanistan and of course the nation's struggling economy. >> our most urgent task is to restore our economy. put the millions of americans who have lost their jobs back to work. it will be difficult. the in the days to come it must be our central mission as a people. and my central responsibility as president. >> the president stopped short of declaring victory in iraq. he prominently praised president bush in the body of the speech but failed to credit him for the success of the troop surge there. as many had wanted the president to do. even as the president out leaned the he said of the
9:33 pm
iraq war in terms of combat op operation, the war in afghanistan is very much still going strong. simple remainer of that as family welcome home nearly 2 °airmen today in sacramento. p.m. >> right 30. item hard. tough. you have to communicate. talk a lot. keep in tough. e-mail. 69. >>reporter: most air force member station on at travis. home come of course are a ritual of every war and with a look at some of the more poignant recently here's diane sawyer. >>reporter: surprised faces overflowing with tears and love. if for everyone long journey ended. if hug so tight they seem to squeeze the the month of worry away.
9:34 pm
there was the 10-year-old with made brave little video diary. >> hi dad. >>reporter: not knowing later at school. him if. [applause] about him if in another classroom navy seal senior chef terri appearing in his daughter's third grade in jacksonville, florida. she has been waiting one year for daddy to come home. if and in san antonio, texas another surprise little taylor reyes can't believe her eyes. >> i think it was something different but it was my daddy. >>reporter: eight months without him. eternity for a
9:35 pm
5-year-old. >> real joy to see her run to me like. that feel like crying but i'm not going to cry. >>reporter: finally together. feeling too much to say. >> come on in. >>reporter: like marine staff sergeant surprising his 2 daughters kate lynn and kalie at ask assembly in ohio. >> probably going to cry so i apologize. i haven't seen them in almost eight months. >>reporter: and in his honor a song about the home of the brave and mom and the dad. if. >> wipe the tears from your eye and we continue. very happy re$11 family. wonderful moment. >> tonight when president obama addressed the nation on iraq you may have notice add new lack for the oval office. workers installed new wallpaper, new rug and new furniture while the first family away on vacation in march that vineyard. rug includes 4 famous quotes from previous presidents aund and
9:36 pm
one quote from dr. king junior. and one quote from lincoln gettysburg address. the government of the people by the people and for the people. many. >> on to some consumer news. many worry computer hacker mate get hold of our personal information. happens all the time. but what if you were the one receiving someone else's information? story now from 7 on your side makeal finney. >> him if rob yo is a regular best buy kevrment he has a store account an often 7s e-mails from the company. nothing unusual. until one day reuben received a different customer e-mail. >> i don't know why this come to me but i'm not virginia black. i'm reuben. >>reporter: his e-mail contained receipt for product he didn't buy. the purchase was made in michigan. by a woman he didn't know. by the name of virginia black. right away reuben figured the worst. >> the identity theft. somebody took my card.
9:37 pm
somebody making purchases on my card? my name. >>reporter: he called best buy and the store assured him no one had used his account. company programsed to find out why it received someone else's e-mail an put stop to it. however that was only the beginning. >> i received e-mailc after e-mail after e-mail with all her purchases. all her geek squad order and tametor pick upment everything she purchased. camera. lap top. power supply. >>reporter: best by kept promise to go fix the problem but virginia black e-mail kept coming. soon reuben felt lake he gnaw the woman. her buying habit and her taste in electronic. more troubling he had her best buy member i.d. number. and wrong hand. he figure that could be misused. >> implication that could happen if her information was to be leaked and they could point the financinger toward me saying you gave this person information out when i didn't. my only concern was to get rid of it not to see her
9:38 pm
information any more. >>reporter: months went by. misplaced e-mail were still coming. best buy sent rob 1820 dollar gift card. after that reuben received 9 more virginia black e-mails. >> who is virginia black? every time i opened my e-mail i'm seeing this person information. and it is weighing on me now after months and months and months what do i have to do to stop this. >>reporter: that's when he called us and we contacted best buy. the the company said technician were working on a software problem. it poll jaysed for the delay and sent rob enanother gift card. this one for 50 dollars. finally days after we got involved the e-mails stopped. best bay with in the say how the mistake occurred nor whether virginia black was ever notified. it said while we can not xent on the is specifics of customer account issues, we can ensure customer privacy is taken very seriously and no confidential information is contained in
9:39 pm
any e-mail communication. reuben well he's relieved. >> i feel in better. i feel in like somebody put a blanket over me. that type of comfort. >>reporter: so can you be held liable for receiving someone else's information? our legal analyst dean johnson says no. it was best buy's mistake. reuben did everything right by notifying the store immediately but here's a word of advice. this ever happens to you put that notification in writing. i'm michael finney 7 on your side. >> coming up here next. new medical innovation called the glide cycle. check it out. it is a new exercise tool for patients that will help get you moving again. >> gvlers have been known to burn up the course. but usually not literally. as we continue the chip that sparked a call of fire instead [ female annocer ] we know jerry brown was mayor ooakland,
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saving money. and like basebalpeople love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farmnsures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with smany ways to save including scounts of up to 40%, having that many custors shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighr about state farm, then calan agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. m. >> violence in mexico escalated when 8 people most of them women died when a bar was fire bombed in the tourist town of cancun. no americans were among the dead. witnesses say attackers burst in with guns. herded people into' area with no exit. then threw molotov cocktails burning down the bar. the owner apparently refused to pay extortion money to a drug
9:43 pm
cartel. >> the owner of the chile mine where 33 men are trapped is asking for for giveness tonight. in the mean time the company that operates the facility says it has no money to pay wages leaving the miners families with no income during this time. the miners could be stuck for months. they have been trapped 1800 feet underground since cave in early this month. engineers began to drill an escape route yesterday. by the way image of the men provided by special camera made by company in fresno. and now to bizarre story out at bakersfield. a doctor found dead after climbing inside the chimney of her boyfriend's home. autopsy is being conducted but police say it appears to be a complete accident. dr. jacqueline apparently wanted to confront her boy friend. he wasn't there. so she tried to go down the chimney feet first. and got stuck. her body was discovered by a house sitter who noticed an unpleasant
9:44 pm
odor. many all right. well there is new exercise option for people who can not put a lot of stress on their joints. it is being used in the bay area by people from surgery patients to people struggling to lose large amounts of weight. story now from health and science reporter carolyn johnson. >> left side was and i sat between the two seat and ran the simulation. >>reporter: she remembers her high flying day as flit instructor for nasa but says the weight has now doubled from the 150 pounds she used to slip into the flight suit. >> i need to lose back to that. just drop another 100. drop another me. many. >>reporter: to drop the weight she turned to unique kind of exercise cycle since knee surgery left her unable to run or even use a stair master she's gliding instead. >> running and gliding. p.m. >>reporter: did he vase incorporates a harness like saddle within a bicycle taking the weight off a rider knees
9:45 pm
instead of peddling users trot along in a running motion. >> it feels lake you are gliding in water. like an upside down swim stroke but you get more resistance in water. >>reporter: if 5 minutes she worked up the kind of sweat she says she could never get from walking. >> heart rate comes up immediately. and yet as you finish each stroke you get a big glide out of it so the reward is there. so you want to keep going. >> look goods. >>reporter: indoor version of the same technology also used to treat amputee and patient at the rae has been center in los gatos therapist put victor through the pace 3 weeks after a maim knee surgery. >> this way the patient has an opportunity to sort of experience movement full range of motion with their knee and hip without the weight. >> incision are good. >>reporter: dr. gordon levin performed the surgery and believes the fwlid cycle technology is helping to speed recovery time without
9:46 pm
endanging the surgically rae paired joint. >> this way he gets a lot of exercise. wouldn't be able to get otherwise. and doesn't put the stress on the acl. >>reporter: back at the course in castro valley lynn sets a goal for herself and glide across the pavement. >> i would lake to see 50 pounds come off right away because then i'll be able to exercise bet. more effectively. >> pretty cool. carolyn reporting. glide cycle made bay company in oregon. they run from about 1500 dollars to upward of 3000 dollars. find a link on our web site at abc 7 if you would like to know more. >> when we come back tonight. the men would dropped their drawers today to fight unemployment. undressed for
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
this dro has evolved to do even more. now it integrates yo work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to evething you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a re intuitive keyboard.
9:49 pm
turning you into an instrumenof efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorol part of e next generation of does. >> how dangerous is fire season and how bad is the drought? bad enough when a golfer in irvine accidentally chipped a rock he setoff a 12 acre fire. mrai playing on saturday when the shot landed in the rough. as he tried to chip out the club clinked a rock that sparked and start add fire that started dry brush. fire put out but not more than 150 firefighters battled it. along with helicopters and hand crew. no charges were
9:50 pm
filed against the golfer. at least not legally but his friend probably penaltyize him a stroke or 2 for. that let go back and update the forecast. heating up around here but sandy is watching the atlantic very closely for hurricane ale earl which seems to be gathering strichblingt indeed. dangerous category 4 storm.i'll show it to you as you see behind earl is tropical storm fiona not a threat to the u.s. main land but we are watcng this wind at 135 miles an hour. tracking to the northwest at 15. hurricane earl a very large storm as you can see here as we take you in closer. this storm here expected to brush near the bahamas as category 4 and then work its way parallel to the east coast. right now hurricane watches are up from southern north carry loon up to virginia as they could be impacted as early as late wednesday night into thursday. once again powerful category 4 storm and if you are making travel plans to head to the east coast for labor day
9:51 pm
weekend keep this in mind. spare the air day for tomorrow. heat is going to build and only gets hotter on thursday. if you like triple digit temperatures you will like thursday. if you don't like that head to the coast. temperatures in the comfort zone with 70's and then cooler weather coming heading that the weekend with labor day considerably cooler. low 80's inland. >> hide your eye. >> dozens of men took off their clothes today in the name of fighting unemployment. check out the gays this morning. at the ferry building in san francisco encouraging other men to give the suit off their back for the men national warehouse suit drive. largely east of its kind in the country. designed to help unemployed dress for success. the donated suit go to local charity to distribute. >> nice. >> i kept my eyes closed. >> larry is here. >> i have been doing that for years dan. not so much good samaritan cause by uses if -- just trying desperately if to
9:52 pm
get taping. watch the giants these days you need nerves of steel. steel i tell you. madison does it with his arm and his bat. another nail biter with the rockies. biter with the rockies. >> /
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. live breaking news in richmond where police shot and killed a suspect who may be the link between murder and missing person cases in two cities. now there is late word tonight that 2 people are dead at the richmond 16. we
9:55 pm
have the latest for you live. >> lack like cops. act lake cops. they even carry guns. but they are not cops. why 150-year-old bay area program could be retire. those stories and more come up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but larry hear with all the sports and we have a winner tonight. >> the giants every night you never know. heart breaking night melt down last nature. tonight the jaints lock up in another tight game with the rockies. everybody is doing the panda dance. we do it here. 1st inning. sanchez on third. rogers pitching. just trips over his own 2 feet. that's a balk. sanchez jogs home. i didn't take the early lead. 1-1 game in the fifth. this is balm garner live to right center. juan tries to score all the way to first. ball to the wall. scores standing up actually balm garner draiving in a run. 6 innings of 1 run ball.
9:56 pm
welcome to the agony. in the eighth. moore almost never see a right hit it out to right field. gone. tied at two have no fear. torrez is here. he clubs one. almost in the same spot as moore. 14th of the year. game just wewent final. 5-2 jaints now 4 back of the first place padres game and a half back in the wild card. a continue the series with the yankees and bronx and pitching good for most of the year but the offense is better writ now. if switcher 3 hits last night. old team again tonight with an assist from ellis who botches the ball twice on one play. 2 out. score a run for the yankees. up 2 zip. swisher this is no ground ball to second. this is a moon shot with swish admiring the work. 25 of the year. 5-1 yankees and mark. my goodness. just getting
9:57 pm
bludgeon in the game. that was a 3 run homer. yankees cruise to victory in this game. time 9-3. college football season begins this week. stanford host sacramento state. cal at home against uc davis on saturday. bears season could kilometer did you know to the life of riley. senior season. up, up, down. out of the lane up. in and out of the dog house. used to be regarded as the k g guru but not blossom into the big time star. bears not expected to be a big force in the pac-10. about you if riley has his way, surprising people. >> great season. i know. bunch of times my last year. maybe ever playing football in my life.i'll go out with a bang. >> he's had the best camp i have ever seen him have here. he's very confident. in the season confident. not going to be perfect. inform quarterback is perfect. but he is doing a great job and i have a lot of trust in him.
9:58 pm
>> san jose state opens the season saturday at alabama. defending national champ not heismann trophy winner ingraham on the field today. had the knee scoped but bama favored by 37. this is make or break year for smith of the nineers. either paragraphs he's capable of leading them to the play off or you have to move open with somebody else. in smith defense nothing but instability around him faintally in the same offense for 2 years in a row. nice offensive weapon and no. 1 pick in the draft smith knows under more scrutiny than anybody on the team. >> when i was young and kind of throwing out there i felt lick hi to earn it even though a quarterback i had to earn it and no hesitation from me now. didn't do a lot. opportunity i have been waiting for and take advantage of it. >>reporter: at the u.s. open many came close to becoming a casualty of the hot new york weather. temp in the upper 90's. taking their toll. at the bottom of the screen save
9:59 pm
off 2 break points in the fourth set against victor country man smash. in fifth set and match point. he prevails 6-3 in the fifth. listen to the interview with gilbert afterwards. >> how nice was it to get a little bit of shade in the fifth set d.that help give you at bit of energy. >> oh, my gosh. it was lake i don't know sleeping with my girl friend i guess kind of feeling. people. >> oh, boy. interesting comparison i'm not sure if the girlfriend is all that happy with being compared to the shade but. >> on his mind right after tennis is that thanks for watching. see you again. this
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